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Cele mai bune echipamente din 2017: Panoramic/CT 3D MORITA: Veraview X800

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Veraview X800: Revolutionary image
quality that sets new standards

New 2D/3D imaging system increases diagnostic and patient safety


What is more useful — two- or three-dimensional diagnostics? The answer will ultimately depend on the merits of the individual case. But to be prepared for every eventuality, a 2D/3D imaging system would seem a viable and versatile solution. Morita is a pioneer in the field of contemporary X-ray diagnostic units for reliable findings in oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, periodontics, endodontics, and orthodontics. At the IDS 2017, Morita now presents the revolutionary new Veraview X800. It delivers an image quality unrivaled by other 2D/3D X-ray systems and offers numerous innovative features providing meaningful radiographs for a wide range of applications — and with patient safety always in mind.

This safety aspect is of paramount importance in Morita’s product development — whether we are talking about the precision of the diagnosis or about dentists and their patients. With the new Veraview X800 X-ray system, practitioners now get even more vivid images with a resolution of 2.5 lp/mm MTF 10% — unique among combined imaging systems. This makes for distinct 3D, panoramic, and cephalometric images in 180-degree and 360-degree mode. To further improve image sharpness and reduce artifacts and distortions to a minimum, the Veraview X800 uses a horizontal X-ray beam that produces highly detailed 3D images. By shifting the horizontal beam by 5 degrees, the distracting shadows of the hard palate are suppressed on panoramic images.

X-ray images can be recalculated retrospectively using a zoom reconstruction function, which allows the reconstruction of an 80 µm from a 125 µm voxel recording (zoom reconstruction function) without having to acquire a new X-ray image.

The world of panoramic images has also been revolutionized with the help of new technologies. The Adaptive Focal Point (AFP) analyzes several layers of acquired images, composing a new image from each region of the optimal panoramic layer. The Adaptive Gray Scale (AGS) function ensures perfect contrast. Operators can also quickly adjust the image layer to the dental arch (offering Narrow, Standard, and Wide options). This is complemented by a special pediatric imaging function for children’s smaller jaws (Pediatric Panoramic) for shorter and more narrowly delineated X-ray procedures, reducing the radiation dose and acquisition time. In addition, practitioners can obtain thee different types of cephalometric images to reduce the patient’s X-ray exposure.

For accurate patient positioning, the Veraview X800 provides a panoramic scout (preview) function, where operators can pre-select the region of interest ahead of taking a 3D image. The C arm then automatically moves to the optimum position to acquire the 3D image. The new face-to-face design also helps to ensure a perfect communication between dentist and patient when aligning laser beams. The height of the unit easily adapts to wheelchair users as well.


The Veraview X800 combines all of these new features with the proven, unique R100 field of view in the form of a Reuleaux triangle, which captures only those regions essential to the diagnosis and significantly reduces the radiation dose compared with conventional cylindrical shapes. The broad selection of eleven fields of view (FOV) covers all dental indications, such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, implantology, periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, but of course also general dentistry. With its elegant design and attractive color scheme, the system is a visual highlight in the dental office. Its high-quality design that sends a clear signal of quality has recently been awarded an iF Design Gold Award.